Taking Part in WVAT'23

Wylye Valley Art Trail 2023 is a 9 day festival of visual art, craft and design in and around the Wylye Valley, South Wiltshire, from Saturday 19th April to Sunday 7th May 2023. It will be a lively mix of open studios and workplaces, galleries, exhibitions by individual artists, makers and art groups, and other events such as workshops, talks, demonstrations and children’s activities.

Wylye Valley Art Trail was established in 2001 and takes place every other year. As always our aim is to build on the huge success of the previous trails, which have made WVAT the largest and most popular visual arts event in Wiltshire.


The Wylye Valley Art Trail covers an area which includes Warminster, Westbury, Maiden Bradley, Mere, Hindon, Tisbury, Wylye and villages in between. View a map of the trail area here.


The Wylye Valley Art Trail is an artist- led, non-profit organisation, predominantly paid for by participation fees. It is administered by a small team of volunteer members. No-one is paid or receives a salary.


Over the past 20 years, the Wylye Valley Art Trail has become a regular fixture on the arts calendar in the South West. We aim to actively promote and advertise locally, regionally and, where possible, nationally. We seek editorial coverage through newspapers, radio and TV as well as online and through social media.  Much also depends on participants promoting WVAT and their own exhibitions in as many ways as possible.

The Brochure

The trail brochure will be published and ready for distribution by the end of March 2021, with an estimated print run of over 30,000 copies. This takes the form of a booklet, with listings and images for each event. It also has a map of the area, with numbered references to the listings.

Brochures and posters are distributed to Tourist Information Centres, Libraries, Arts and Leisure Centres, Galleries, Shops, Pubs, Hotels and many other outlets in a wide area around and beyond the Wylye Valley. The easy availability of the brochure make it one of our principal means of raising awareness of the event.

Participants will be able to collect quantities of brochures for their own publicity purposes.

We are setting up a volunteer network for distributing brochures and posters. Please indicate on the entry form if you can help.

The Website

All the information and images which appear in the brochure will also be on the Wylye Valley Art Trail website: www.wvat.co.uk. Participants will have links to their own websites and social media pages.

Taking Part

To be eligible to participate, you need to be resident in, work in, based in or have a strong connection with South and West Wiltshire. View a map of the area covered by Wylye Valley Art Trail here.

You will need to find a venue and organise your own event. This could be your own studio, workshop or a room in your house. It could be a local hall or other public space. Over the past trails a wide variety of venues have been used, from pubs and cafes, theatres and libraries to barns, churches, warehouses and garden sheds! If you’re having problems finding a venue, or you’d like to find someone to share a venue, we may be able to help or advise, just contact us.

The entry deadline for application forms, submission of images and payment is 18 January 2021 (see below for information about submitting images).

Entry Fees

We have kept our fees the same as for WVAT’19. We think you’ll agree that they are modest for this high profile event, when compared to other open art events:

  • Individual artist: £135 (This will give you a listing + image in the brochure / website). See Example Listing for Individual Artist.
    • 2 – 4 artists sharing a venue: £120 per artist
      (Gives each artist a listing + image)
    • 5 or more artists sharing a venue: £110 per artist
      (Gives each artist a listing + image)
  • Art group: £175 (This will give your group a listing + one image in the brochure / website). See Example Listing for Art Group.

Art Gallery: £245 (This gives you gallery a listing + 2 images in the brochure / website). See Example Listing for Art Gallery.

Receipts and acknowledgements of entry will be sent to you within 10 days of your entry.

take pART

Participatory events are very popular and attract more visitors to your venue. It would be particularly good to offer ‘hands on’ workshops for children or some youth orientated activities during the weekends and Bank Holiday Monday.

If you are able to run a workshop, give a demonstration, talk or set up any kind of ‘hands-on’ activity please give details in the space provided on the form. There will be no extra charge for this listing. You’ll need to state whether people need to book. Include booking details and how much, if anything, it will cost.


If you teach or host art or craft courses, workshops or regular classes at other times, you can have the ‘teaching’ symbol on your listing. Just tick the box on the form and state the subjects you teach. If you are an art group which holds workshops and you welcome people who are non-members please also tick the box.


We require high-quality, professsional standard images of your work for the brochure and for publicity purposes. The images should be representative of what can be seen at your event  (PLEASE NOTE: ‘composites’ of several artists’ work in one image will not be accepted as they are generally not clear and don’t work well when printed on a smaller scale). 

Please send 3 jpegs of recent work. They should be a minimum of 300dpi and at least A6 size. PLEASE do not send any images that you would not want to be used in the brochure.

Title your image files as follows:

                        YOUR NAME . IMAGE TITLE . SIZE . MEDIUM

Upload your images through the entry form or using the buttons below. Please make sure that they are labelled as above. (If you are unable to re-title your photos, simply send an email to info@wvat.co.uk stating the image details as follows: IMAGE NO… / YOUR NAME / IMAGE TITLE / SIZE / MEDIUM.)

Please ensure all images are in focus and of good clear quality with strong contrast. Images of 2D work should not include frames or mounts. 3D work should be photographed against a plain, contrasting background. NB: we reserve the right to reject unsuitable images and request new images.

    For further information or advice, please contact us.

    Other Participants

    If you know of any other artists or groups who might be interested in taking part, please let them have a link for this page. Or please contact us.


    It is advisable that you take out appropriate third party insurance to cover your exhibition for the duration of the art trail period. You might also like to cover artwork against damage or theft. You can talk to your own insurers about this. Or contact the following organisations who offer insurance specifically for artists:

    a-n The Artists Information Company: www.a-n.co.uk/about/insurance

    SAA: www.saa.co.uk/info/group-insurance

    Hencilla Canworth: www.hencilla.co.uk/unions/a-n/air/aip/

    Please see under ‘Covid-19’ below, about event cancellation insurance.

    Contact us for further advice or information.


    You will understand the impossibility of predicting how this virus will affect our lives over the next few months, so we will aim to keep abreast of current guidelines and how we may have to adapt the art trail accordingly. We will be issuing advice about making your exhibition / studio compliant with current Covid-19 guidance.

    Sadly, many arts events over the past few months have suffered postponements or cancellation due to Covid- 19. In the extreme instance of a further resurgence and complete lockdown, WVAT will not be cancelled or postponed but will aim to go ahead as an online event. One of our biggest costs is the printing of the art trail brochure. If a lockdown appears likely before we’re committed to going ahead with this (ie: early March at the latest), we will cancel the brochure. Those funds designated for printing will be diverted towards building a virtual Wylye Valley Art Trail.

    Please note: The organisers of Wylye Valley Art Trail will not be able to guarantee a refund In the event that the running of WVAT is affected adversely for any reason. However, where funds are available then limited compensation payments may be possible.

    We have researched the possibility of WVAT as a whole, or individual venues, taking out event cancellation insurance. However, currently, most standard event cancellation policies exclude cancellation due to ‘communicable diseases’.


    If you require any further information or help with your entry, please contact us.

    Entry Forms

    Please fill out one of the forms below.

    Form for Individual Artists

    Use this form if you are an exhibitor on your own or you are sharing a venue with other artists. Each artist will have an image and description in the brochure and on the website. Each artist taking part will need to submit an entry form.

    Form for Art Groups and Student Groups

    Use this form if you are putting on an art/craft group or student group exhibition. Your listing will have one representative image in the brochure and website. Exhibitors’ names can be listed in your event description.

    Form for Galleries

    Use this form if you are a commercial gallery. You will have two images in the brochure and on the website.

    If you require any assistance during application, please contact us.