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Meadow View Artists

Teffont Magna

A colourful and eclectic exhibition of art and craft from a wide variety of disciplines

Meadow View, Teffont Magna, Salisbury. SP3 5QZ

B3089 Salisbury – Hindon road. Turn at Village Hall and continue 200m past Church. ///chairing.opponent.rescue

2 steps down

lunches / cakes

OPENING VARIATIONS: After midday on Sun 7 May, no access from B3089 due to Coronation street party. Access only from the A303.

Plaxy Arthur


Plaxy uses soft blues and greens for her stoneware ceramics. She makes utility pieces on the wheel, and one off hand built sculptural pieces.

T: 07740 873687

Lindsay Keir


Paintings which draw inspiration from the natural world, using a variety of oil and water based media often with highlights of gold.

T: 07974 798044

Gillian McCormick

Stained Glass

Display of wildlife themed painted fired and fused glass.

T: 01725 517206

Rachel Raine


Patterns and textures inspired by nature. Silver, hammered, melted, cast and polished to reflect light. Beautiful stones enhance the unique designs.

T: 07989 962199

Will Richardson


Stone sculpture strongly influenced by the economy of Eastern arts, exploring the beauty of nature and organic form.

T: 07769 308778

Yvonne Steer

Ceramic sculpture

Figures sculpted from life or from the imagination. The clay pieces are fired to a high temperature and can be placed indoors or outside.

T: 07788 660127

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