WVAT '19
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Georgie Denison-Pender / Heather Stone
Drawing & Painting / Ceramics
WVAT 2019
Georgie Denison Pender
WVAT 2019
Heather Stone
Georgie Denison-Pender drawing & painting

Georgie's current drawings and paintings are an exploration of the strength and endurance of trees reflected through the winter landscape.

01747 840 533

[email protected]

Heather Stone ceramics

Heather hand builds ceramic sculptures exploring simple shapes, using texture, slip and oxides. Mark making - inspired by the local landscape.

07796 351 811

[email protected]

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4/5 High Street


BA12 6QF

Stourton Map

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Turn off of the B3092 between Mere and Maiden Bradley onto the Stourhead estate, the venue is directly opposite the NT carpark.


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