WVAT '19
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Lesley Fudge / Karen Clark / Sue Burrow / Linda Beveridge
Art Group
WVAT 2019
Lesley Fudge
WVAT 2019
Karen Clark
WVAT 2019
Sue Burrow
WVAT 2019
Linda Beveridge
Lesley Fudge textiles

Hand and machine embroidery. A range of eclectic pieces using my inquisitiveness of the world of possibilities.

07734 176 426

[email protected]

Karen Clark textiles

The ancient Japanese art of Kumihimo favoured by the Samurai, braids are brought to the present day using beads and various threads, including silk.

[email protected]

Sue Burrow creative textiles

Inspired by varied emotions conveyed in quotations, I explore properties of fabrics and threads to depict the layers of meaning.

07899 963 391

[email protected]

Linda Beveridge jewellery

Jewellery made of silver, gold, gems and pearls; inspired by Art Deco, Africa, and Mexico.

07751 441 530


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The Meeting Room

Warminster Athenaeum Centre


BA12 9AE

Warminster Map

this will take you to the general area not to the actual venue


In the High Street to the right of the main Athenaeum entrance. Parking in the Western Car Park, 100 yards away.

 Shibori stitching and Indigo dyeing. Kumihimo.

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