WVAT '17
Venue 37
St Algars Yard

St Algars Yard workshops and beautiful barn gallery shows ceramics, painting, woodcraft, knitting and metal sculpture.

WVAT 2019
Amanda Bennett
WVAT 2019
Mary Henderson
WVAT 2019
Trevor West
WVAT 2019
Russell Coates
WVAT 2019
Hiro Takahashi
WVAT 2019
John Bennett
WVAT 2019
Jim Whitty
WVAT 2019
Ian Boon
Mary Henderson knitwear

Items of knitwear inspired by the Fair Isle and knitted lace: hats, scarves, mitts.

Trevor West woodcraft

Handcrafted boxes, jewellery, pens and other small useful items, mainly from polished hardwoods.

Russell Coates ceramics

Hand-painted underglaze blue porcelain, enamelled with birds, animals and sea creatures.

Hiro Takahashi ceramics

Spiritual ceramics sculptures reflects life in past and present & functional pottery.

John Bennett sculpture

An interesting assortment of fauna exhibits made from found metal objects.

Jim Whitty paintings

Landscape based oil paintings inspired by trees, water, colour and light.

Ian Boon furniture

Range of finished furniture designs and bespoke commissions in progress.

Amanda Bennett painting

An eclectic selection of paintings inspired by colours in the landscape.



 Open Days
Sat 27th
Sun 28th
Mon 29th
Tue 30th
Wed 31st
Thu 1st
Fri 2nd
Sat 3rd
Sun 4th
Mon 4th


St. Algars Yard

West Woodlands

BA11 5ER

West Woodlands Map

this will take you to the general area not to the actual venue


On the B3092, Mere to Frome road. Two miles north of Maiden Bradley. Parking in farm courtyard.

Mary Henderson - Drop-in knitting sessions and demonstrations on Saturdays and Sundays.

Russell Coates - Design and underglaze blue painting on porcelain biscuit, daily.

Mary Henderson - Knitting, lace, Fair Isle, finishing techniques.

Russell Coates - Pottery

Venue Notes

PREVIEW EVENING - Friday, 6pm - 9pm. All welcome.

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